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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Manchester Meet-up!

On Saturday 9th March i finally went to my first Philofaxy meet-up in Manchester!

Someone however really didn't want me to go.... 
First i had my neighbours having a party til 6am (which was when i had to be up) with music so loud i was practically jigging in bed - as was the entire flat.
Then i couldn't get out of my flat door in the morning as it was stuck fast - i managed it after 5 frantic minutes.
Then my train was cancelled, then they found us a service to take us from Hull to Leeds then change to get to Manchester Piccadilly!

I waited for Steve to arrive so i didn't get lost in Manchester and we made our way to the restaurant.

 {Helen, Tony and Steve}

The meal was lovely but a tad expensive for my student purse!
It was nice to finally meet people whose blogs i read and people who i had things in common with!

{Alison examining a filofax, Roslyn and Carol} 

I met....
Alison from Filo Obsessed
Helen from Plan. Create. Succeed.
Lucy from All Things Stationery
Steve from Philofaxy

and others include; Tony, Roslyn, Andrew, Susan and Carol!

 {Lucy, Alison and Roselyn}

{The Stack!}

I also got the chance to meet some new filofaxes! 

I loved the Osterley and Panama and got to smell Steve's new Malden!
And i have officially seen the fattest slimline ever in the form of Lucy's Adelphi

 {Carol and Andrew) 

{Alison, Roselyn, Carol, Steve taking photos, Susan and Helen}

{Me examining a Panama}

Tony made us these fabulous cards to remember the day;


 {Back - where we all signed}

And i finally got some Philofaxy cards from Steve!

We then went onto Paperchase (which had 3 floors!) and bought lots of lovely things.

It was well worth the long trip and the cold weather!
Lovely to meet you all :)


  1. Yay!!! Sounds like fun - I'm really looking forward to my first Philofaxy meetup this weekend :-)

    1. Have fun - it's a really good day!

  2. It was lovely to meet you Alice and a great day out! :-)

    1. It was great to meet you too and finally put faces to blog names!