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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Dodo Pad

After looking at the Dodo pad online for quite some time i got an A5 Filofax compatible  (from the lovely LJ over at LJ's Blog of Stuff).

 {Love a handwritten note}

 {The Acad Pad}

{Sample page}
This is the specimen page which shows you how to use the diary section etc


You can purchase a sheet of sheet of appointment stickers separately which are really colourful and fun!

{Already punched}

It is already punched to slot into an A5 filofax

{One of the designs}
This is one of my favourite spreads!

Another philofaxer also sent me a personal page to try out for size, but i found it way too small just by looking at it!

{Personal and A5}

After several weeks of using the Dodo pad i realised it isn't for me. 
I don't get on with the grid layout and would much prefer 7 simple boxes for the weekdays along wih the notes page.
I do however love the graphics, images and colour etc


  1. My scruffy writing on a piece of paper from work - oh, the shame, lol!!!

  2. You could always just write over the boxes - ignoring them - I do :) Glad you like the graphics though..

    1. I love everything else apart from the fact you simply can't do it in pocket :( Such a shame!
      You should do something similar in pocket - perhaps not the grid but the days down one side and a blank page with the same sort of thing but obviously just a little something as the pages are so small?

  3. I ignore the boxes and just write over them too.

    I love mine.


    1. I find ignoring the boxes really difficult - it also confuses me when i look at it - so that tactic is sadly not for me!

  4. I use the Dodo as a wall calendar for the family, one column for each person. I can't imagine using it as a personal diary but I couldn't live without it on the wall!

    1. I had something similar on a wall calender - with the grid layout and i loved it too!

  5. I have the personal size and it works wonderfully now that I've got an 0.05 pen to write with. Though, I think mainly it is because I use it only to mark down appointments, which I don't have that many off. For scheduling and planning my day there just isn't enough room. But then, that's true of all calendars save the day on a page ones. :)

    1. I love the WO2P format the most. The dodo pad would have to be adapted for me to use it, but i do love it!

  6. The Dodo products are just gorgeous, but my mind simply doesn't work that way. I need a boring old Wo2P.